12 High-Converting Landing Pages (That’ll Make You Wish You Built ‘Em)

12 High-Converting Landing Pages (That’ll Make You Wish You Built ‘Em)
March 23, 2019
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March 23, 2019
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12 High-Converting Landing Pages (That’ll Make You Wish You Built ‘Em)

High-Converting Landing Pages

Don’t get us wrong: we adore attractive alighting pages. The approach a colors contrariety to pull attention; a distinguished tradition photography and animation; a superb concentration of disastrous space and rule-of-three layouts. Seriously, these things keep us adult during night.

But here during Unbounce, we know that there’s some-more to a alighting page than looks. We wish a kind of page that won’t confuse we when we move it home to your CMO. One that we can really, we know… build a debate with.

What we unequivocally wish is a alighting page that converts.

What Makes a High-Converting Landing Page?

(“Yeah, yeah, take me to a high-converting alighting page examples!”)

People have combined a lot of alighting pages with a Unbounce Builder (like, so many, we guys), so we consider we’ve got a flattering good bargain of what creates a page convert. Over a years, it’s turn transparent that scarcely all successful alighting pages have some pivotal elements in common.

High-converting alighting pages:

  • Have a strong, contextual favourite shot and ancillary imagery
    Your favourite shot (the primary picture or video on your alighting page above a fold) is a initial thing visitors are going to concentration on, so you’d improved make it captivating. Show your product or use in a context of use: denote how it works and make it easy for people to daydream themselves enjoying a benefits.
  • Present a singular and focused call to action
    Your call to movement (CTA) is a one thing we wish visitors to do on your page and your primary acclimatisation metric. Make certain your CTA is apparent (from a pattern perspective) and constrained (from a duplicate perspective). Best use is generally to mislay any delegate links that competence means someone to leave your page before converting by your CTA, including site navigation.
  • Clearly state your value tender with a constrained header and subhead
    Why should visitors accept your call to action? Use your title and subheadline to transparent your value proposition, clearly observant a advantages of your offer and what creates we opposite from your competitors.
  • Outline a facilities and advantages (with significance on a latter)
    Sure, people need to know what your product or use does, nonetheless they’re many some-more expected to modify if they know a advantages they’ll accept by following by with your CTA. Benefits-oriented messaging (as we’ll see in some examples) is one of a best ways to expostulate conversions.
  • Include testimonials and other forms of amicable proof
    People are many some-more expected to modify on your alighting page if they trust that others have finished it before them (and have been happy with a results). Social proof—testimonials, reviews, partner logos—can be a discerning and effective approach to build credit with your prospects.

High-Converting Landing Page Examples

Before we dive into a high-converting alighting pages examples, let’s set some belligerent rules. All of a pages featured subsequent have had during slightest 500 visitors on a low end, nonetheless many have had some-more than 100,000. They’re also all converting during a rate of during slightest 30%. (For reference, a average alighting acclimatisation rate sits somewhere around 4%.)

It’s value observant that acclimatisation rate is shabby by many factors outward a tangible calm of your alighting page. For example, we know that the normal acclimatisation rate varies widely depending on your industry. Be certain to check out a Conversion Benchmark Report to see how we smoke-stack adult opposite your competitors.

There’s also a doubt of trade quality: if your page is removing a lot of trade from poorly-targeted ads, your acclimatisation rate is going to be reduce than it would be with some-more competent visitors. And, of course, click-through pages are going to modify aloft than lead gen pages since a acclimatisation idea is many simpler. Keep these things in mind before judging your possess pages too harshly.

With that disclaimer out of a way, here are 12 high-converting alighting page examples from Unbounce customers (with acclimatisation tips from a people who indeed built them).

1. Promo

Industry: Social Media / Conversion Rate: 46.94%

High-Converting Landing Page: Promo

Promo’s high-converting hint: Use video to boost caller rendezvous and expostulate conversions.

If we’ve pronounced it once, we’ve pronounced it during slightest several some-more times: using video on your alighting page is a good approach to boost rendezvous and holder adult your acclimatisation rate. In fact, including some relocating cinema on your page can increase conversions by as many as 80%. A inestimable investment, no?

Promo suspicion so, too, that is because they enclosed a ton of video calm on this alighting page for their video origination service—from a header, to a explainer video, to a representation videos that visitors can indeed use in their possess marketing.

Noted Yael Miriam Klass, Content Lead during Promo:

We specialize in formulating converting videos that attract viewers and bleed action.

To that end, a alighting page has a pleasing and energetic header video holding adult a initial fold, overlaid with calm that shows a transparent value proposition.

Still, video is usually partial of a equation. You wish visitors to convert, and that means removing them to follow by with your call to action. Don’t worry—Yael’s on it: “No alighting page can make an impact nonetheless approach calm and an eye-popping CTA symbol on a initial fold.” Promo nailed those elements, afterwards surfaced it all off with a swack of testimonials and clever customer logos. Great job.

2. edX

Industry: Education / Conversion Rate: 52.68%

High-Converting Landing Page: edX

edX’s high-converting hint: Simplify your representation and make a advantages transparent clear.

Us marketers tend to be so tighten to a products and services that we can infrequently overkill prospects with too many information. “Yes, a core charity is X, nonetheless how ’bout these bells? What about them whistles?” No, they substantially didn’t know about those additional benefits—but during this stage, they substantially didn’t need to.

On a alighting pages for their online courses, edX’s Senior Growth Marketer Josh Grossman chose to prune a summary down to usually a categorical points he wanted to visitors to take away. “Rather than get bogged down in a sum of a course, we finished it easy for people to know what they’ll learn regulating usually a few bullet points.” That, and an evident conduct and subhead followed by plain amicable proof.

“In a testing, shorter duplicate worked improved than longer copy,” Josh added. “Either we wish to learn Python, or we don’t.”

That’s an discernment we should all take to heart. Some people aren’t going to wish what you’ve got, no matter how many additional information we chuck during them. Better to save your exhale (or word count) and concentration on a people who do.

3. Later

Industry: Social Media / Conversion Rate: 57.92%

High-Converting Landing Page: Later

Later’s high-converting hint: Maintain acclimatisation smell and change your incentives.

Humans are variable creatures. They’re simply distracted. They get confused. Mostly, they’re bad. As a marketer, that means we mostly need to reason their hands—or, for a purposes, hold their noses—through any step of a squeeze process.

Conversion smell is a element of gripping created and visible cues unchanging all by a consumer journey. That’s what Later did for this lead era campaign, as Chin Tan, a company’s Communication Design Lead, explains:

We confirmed acclimatisation smell via a campaign. The offer matches what’s in a ad, in a email, in a artistic before a alighting page, and after a page as well.

Later - Conversion Scent

Chin also acknowledges that a morality of a offer contributed to a page’s success. “It’s transparent right divided what you’re getting: you’re exchanging your email for entrance to a guide. The form isn’t too prolonged and usually requests impending information.” Asking for too many personal sum during this tip theatre of a flue can spirit visitors. Make certain your ask matches a value of a inducement you’re offering.

4. The Listings Lab

Industry: Real Estate

High-Converting Landing Page: The Listings Lab

The Listings Lab’s high-converting hint: Use candid pattern and concentration on a offer.

Another lead era page, a instance from The Listings Lab isn’t a flashiest on a list, nonetheless don’t let that dope you: this elementary page packs a punch.

First, let’s speak design. The Listings Lab has finished a good pursuit of condensing all of a page calm into a tiny space nonetheless origination anything feel crowded. Visitors don’t need to corkscrew to know what’s on offer and because it’s valuable.

“A image of a download helps people feel that it’s a well-produced, genuine thing that they can read,” charity Yves Lenouvel, Marketing Director during The Listings Lab. “Bold calm on a form’s big, colorful symbol draws people’s courtesy to a CTA.” Not to discuss a directional cue, that is another good touch.

Still, it’s a benefits-oriented duplicate that puts this page over a top. The Listings Lab unequivocally zeroes in on pivotal pain points for realtors—cold calling, bad leads, prolonged hours—and offers an alternative. “The initial square of duplicate people see is vocalization to a visitors’ pain and afterwards presenting them with a solution.” Read a guide, make some-more money, get your life back. What’s not to like?

Bonus points for a remoteness matter that instills certainty while keepin’ it casual.

5. Twillory

Industry: Clothing / Conversion Rate: 46.85%

High-Converting Landing Page: Twillory

Twillory’s high-converting hint: Build tradition practice for your mobile visitors.

We don’t need to tell we that mobile consumers should be a priority. (Although we have been revelation you for, like, ever.) By 2017, mobile had turn a widespread source of web trade worldwide during 50.3%—a shred that stretched final year, reaching 52.2%. It’s no longer adequate to consider of mobile consumers as partial of your online audience. In 2019, they’re mostly a majority. (Check those GA reports, people.)

Aditya Bagri, Digital Automation Manager during Agency Within, described how his outfit is adjusting to a universe in that consumers’ initial knowledge with a code is mostly on their phones:

Our alighting page origination plan is mobile-first, and optimizing for mobile helps us get first-time viewers down a funnel.

Better than merely building mobile-responsive pages, many brands are formulating apart practice for their mobile visitors.

High-Converting Landing Page: Twillory Mobile

Enter Agency Within and Twillory. On desktop, this alighting page includes videos and GIFs—elements that have been shown to boost caller rendezvous and assistance expostulate conversions. On mobile, though, we get a stripped-down chronicle that maintains a visible seductiveness of a large hermit while also ensuring lightning-fast bucket times on mobile connections.

And Twillory gets an additional curtsy for regulating an Unbounce popup to give visitors additional acclimatisation incentives.

High-Converting Landing Page: Twillory Popup

6. TyresOnTheDrive

Industry: Automotive

High-Converting Landing Page: TyresOnTheDrive

TyresOnTheDrive’s high-converting hint: Be transparent in your title and afterwards behind it adult with amicable proof.

When it comes to alighting page copy, clarity leads to conversions. Your visitors should know within seconds accurately what you’re charity and because they need to care. If they don’t, they’re expected to bounce.

This page from TyresOnTheDrive illustrates a significance of clarity with a title that immediately conveys a value proposition: “Expert Tyre Fitting At Your Home or Work.” Right away, we know a differentiator is that we don’t have to go to a mechanic—they’re entrance to us. Coupled with a discerning how-to, a bucket of testimonials, and a big-brand trademark collage, we have adequate information about TyresOnTheDrive to make a squeeze preference in a unequivocally brief duration of time.

The result? Conversions by a roof.

But good acclimatisation rates aren’t an forgive to stop testing. Chris Wood, TyresOnTheDrive’s Senior UX Designer, described how a association has played with other representation angles nonetheless keeps entrance behind to a fundamentals. “We’re anticipating that some-more benefit-oriented messaging seems to modify improved than pulling offers and promotions.”

7. ooba

Industry: Finance / Conversion Rate: 35.57%

High-Converting Landing Page: ooba

ooba’s high-converting hint: Use a detailed call to movement that tells visitors what’ll occur next.

Yes, it’s critical that your visitors know what you’re charity a impulse they strike your page. But usually as essential is that visitors know what we wish them to do—and what will occur when they do it.

This page for ooba (designed by digital group Signpost) provides a good instance of an effective call to action. At a glance, a copy—along with a contextual cues and ancillary information—tells us what we can pattern when we fill out a form.

“The form is positioned during a tip of a page, above a fold, that creates a movement we wish a user to take transparent from a outset,” pronounced Adam Lange, CEO during Signpost. “The resisting tone draws a user’s courtesy to a finish goal, and a detailed symbol confirms a movement they’re about to take.”

The form asks for a lot of information, nonetheless that competence indeed assistance build credit in this context—we’re perplexing to get a home loan, not pointer adult for a newsletter. It creates clarity that we’d need to yield some sum if we’re awaiting to be pre-qualified.

8. ClaimCompass

Industry: Legal / Conversion Rate: 30.02%

High-Converting Landing Page: ClaimCompass

ClaimCompass’s high-converting hint: Ensure visitors have adequate information to modify (and afterwards ask them again).

What’s that aged saying? “If during initial they don’t convert, try, try again”? (It’s not. Please don’t contend that to people.)

However, that’s precisely what ClaimCompass did for this alighting page targeting travelers who’d been on behind flights to, from, and within a European Union, where legislation mandates that airlines compensate remuneration for poignant transport disruptions.

Alexander Sumin, a company’s Co-Founder and CMO, described a surprisingly formidable charge of removing people to collect their no-strings cash.

We attempted to yield some profitable information and behind it with authority—not usually a amicable explanation and media logos, nonetheless quickly explaining how it all works.

That adds some-more credit to a offer, that is critical when you’re earnest giveaway money.

ClaimCompass famous that they’d be articulate to business with varying degrees of EU regulatory expertise. (Any GDPR-heads out there?) As such, they knew some people would have adequate information to modify right divided while others would need some educating.

“The whole alighting page is designed to make people click on one of a 3 CTA buttons,” Alex explained. “If a offer is appealing, they don’t need to corkscrew further. If it isn’t, a sections subsequent yield some-more clarity on a process, with images, benefits, and amicable proof. Each corkscrew is ostensible to get a users closer to clicking a CTA.”

9. onX

Industry: Navigation / Conversion Rate: 61.15%

High-Converting Landing Page: onX

onX’s high-converting hint: Match caller hunt vigilant in created and visible content.

Something we during Unbounce have unequivocally beaten home over a years is a significance of summary match. When someone clicks a Google ad for, say, topographic sport maps, they pattern to land on a page with duplicate that aligns with their strange hunt intent. Even better? A page that immediately demonstrates a trailblazer is in a right place by a concomitant imagery.

For a good example, demeanour no serve than this page from onX, that (at a time of writing) sports a acclimatisation rate over 50% aloft than a average. We asked Ryan Watson, User Acquisition Manager during onX, because he suspicion a alighting page has been so successful:

The alighting page artistic showed a user accurately what they were looking for from a PPC Google Ads hunt click.

Correlating a hunt with an accurate visible evidence is a contingency with product underline alighting pages and hunt strategy.

Ryan also credits A/B contrast for onX’s high-converting alighting page. “We tested many opposite CTAs, and we found one that worked and got a large click-through rate.” Hey, alighting page best practices never hurt, either.

10. Investing Shortcuts

Industry: Finance / Conversion Rate: 51.32%

High-Converting Landing Page: Investing Shortcuts

Investing Shortcuts’s high-converting hint: Create coercion in your offer whenever possible.

Fear of blank out (FOMO) is one of a many absolute collection in each marketer’s arsenal. People hate it when their peers are carrying fun, being cool, or origination income nonetheless them. It’s sparse and vindictive, sure, nonetheless it’s also inherently human. (Man, we’re picking on a class today.)

This alighting page for Investing Shortcuts (built by Strikepoint Media) harnesses FOMO to pull conversions into overdrive. The duplicate highlights a duration arise of Bitcoin’s value and urges visitors to get in while a gettin’s still good. “This page had a many success when Bitcoin was hot, so it was a right offer and a right time,” explained Jeremy Blossom, Co-Founder and CEO of Strikepoint. Anyone out there still HODLing?

Bitcoin’s recognition aside, a lot of what creates this a high-converting page comes down to good fundamentals. “While it isn’t a prettiest page, a duplicate connects with readers and builds on their seductiveness in a theme matter while clearly communicating a value of a guide,” Jeremy noted. “The page also uses a ‘featured on’ logos and a high-profile quote for amicable proof.”

11. MyTutor

Industry: Education / Conversion Rate: 55.29%

High-Converting Landing Page: MyTutor

MyTutor’s high-converting hint: Present a right offer to a right people during a right time.

So many of a campaign’s success comes down to effective targeting. It’s not usually about reaching your aim demographic—it’s also about presenting them with highly-targeted offers that make clarity in a context of their knowledge during that sold moment.

Our prior instance from Investing Shortcuts demonstrates how an offer can be well-timed for a vital informative eventuality (like a crypto-frenzy of late 2017). This alighting page from MyTutor, though, goes one step further. It shows how marketers can bond with their assembly during a poignant (and even deeply personal) impulse in their particular lives, during that a offer is generally meaningful.

Gemma Pearson, Digital Marketing Manager during MyTutor, explains: “This alighting page was a elemental partial of a examination formula day campaign. It was designed to inspire students who hadn’t achieved a grades they indispensable to get behind on lane with a mentor to support their needs.”

Most of us have finished feeble on a test, and (I’m gentle vocalization for all of us here) it sucks. The final thing Gemma wanted to do with this page is seem to be reprehension or lecturing students that competence need a small help.

The relevant, certain messaging—along with timing and a transparent CTA—were pivotal factors in this alighting page’s success.

It supposing messaging that both empathized with their conditions and charity a transparent resolution to get a formula they needed.

Now that’s how we make a representation that resonates.

12. FilterEasy

Industry: Home Repair / Conversion Rate: 34.52%

High-Converting Landing Page: FilterEasy

FilterEasy’s high-converting hint: It’s not always transparent because a alighting page is successful—and that’s okay, too.

Every so often, you’ll build a alighting page that strikes acclimatisation gold. It’s got a aloft form-fill rate than you’ve ever seen. It’s pushing income like crazy. It’s slicing down challengers like Russell Crowe in that film about gladiators. (What was it called?)

That’s what happened to Rianna Riddle, Growth Marketing Director during FilterEasy. She built a torpedo page, afterwards found herself grappling with a doubt we’ve mostly asked ourselves: what exactly is origination this page successful?

“Honestly, we’re still constantly contrast to figure out what’s so good about this alighting page,” Ri explained. “We’ve challenged it several times, and nothing of a challengers have kick this champion page—even a ones we were positively assured would kick it.”

The existence is that building high-converting alighting pages isn’t an accurate science. Sure, there are best practices that can urge your page’s chances of success, and Ri employs them here: candid design, clever advantages statements, good amicable proof, constrained offer. Ultimately, though, a usually approach we can be assured that we’ve achieved a best page is by stability to test.

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