Google AdWords Testing 8 Ads in Search Results with 4 on Bottom

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June 14, 2017
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Google AdWords Testing 8 Ads in Search Results with 4 on Bottom

Google is doing a exam right now that ups a series of ads on a hunt formula page from 7 ads adult to 8 ads, changing a bottom set of 3 ads to a set of 4 instead.

This is good news for advertisers who were endangered about a detriment of a sidebar ad positions, when Google switched to a format that saw a sidebar ads private and usually 7 ads accessible for advertisers in a hunt formula (4 on tip and 3 on bottom).

I began saying this a week or so ago.  But over a weekend, Google seems to be contrast 4 ads on a bottom on a most incomparable scale, that could meant Google is formulation to make this change permanent.

Here are some screenshots display a accumulation of searches with 8 ads.  As we can see in some of a screenshots, Google is display 8 ads even when there are selling ads on a page or a internal believe panel.  So it doesn’t seem that they are usually display a 8 ads when there aren’t other facilities such as PLAs or internal believe panels on a same hunt results.


They are also contrast it on internal searches.

While advertisers would be flattering happy that it means there is room for one some-more ad position on a page, SEOs competence not be so happy, generally those ranking in #9 or #10 who mostly get clicks from those looking for a final review before relocating on to a subsequent page of results.  With 4 ads, it is expected no organic formula would be manifest after 4 ads and associated searches are shown directly above a subsequent page area.

Google contrast 4 ads on a bottom isn’t code new.  Shortly after Google switched to 4 ads on a tip of a hunt results, we speckled a exam where Google was using 4 on tip and 4 on a bottom, yet there were usually 7 singular ads on a page – a initial ad position on both a tip and a bottom set of ads were a same ad, definition a advertiser who scored a tip mark in a hunt formula was removing double bearing in those results.

I have reached out to Google for information on either they are switching to this format or if it is still only a exam they are running.

Update: 5/5/17

A Google orator reliable that this is an examination AdWords is using and that it will be over at the finish of this week.

Since Google is confirming an finish date, this sounds as yet there are no skeleton to make it permanent, during slightest not immediately.

The following dual tabs change calm below.

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