Google AMP Drives 7% of Top Publisher’s Traffic

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June 15, 2017
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June 15, 2017
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Google AMP Drives 7% of Top Publisher’s Traffic

Ever given Google launched AMP, as their answer to a lightweight and quick approach for searchers to perspective webpages, many publishers have been solemnly adopting it.  And when Google announced that it would be entrance to a “ten blue links”, even some-more websites motionless to adopt it.  But many weren’t certain only how renouned it was.

Adobe released data about AMP for tip US publishers, and detected that US publishers are now saying 7% of all their trade – opposite inclination – by AMP, as of Dec 2016.   This research lonesome over 16,000 mobile sites.

They also remarkable that given that given launch, there has been a 405% boost in expansion by Dec 2016.  What is an engaging footnote to these stats is there was a outrageous spike to 896% in Nov that Adobe attributes to a US choosing season.

What is engaging is that Adobe tracked a diminution in August, that coincides with Google announcing that AMP would be entrance to a unchanging organic hunt results, a time when many publishers were finally jumping on house with AMP.  But with a jumps seen in Sep onwards, it could be attributed to a incomparable series of AMP accessible results, as AMP changed from only a tip stories territory to a unchanging results.

It also shows that while AMP is positively a record used to arrangement 7% of traffic, that percent is not as high as some would expect.  But it could be that with adequate non-AMP sites taken into account, that series could be skewed.  A most some-more engaging and applicable metric would be of sites with AMP entirely employed, how most trade to those sites is AMP, as we think it would be most higher.

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