Google: How Bounce Rate Increases With Longer Mobile Load Times

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June 15, 2017
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Google: How Bounce Rate Increases With Longer Mobile Load Times

Google expelled some new stats associated to mobile page speed and how it impacts rebound rate as a time to bucket a page increases.   We have listened many Googlers speak over a years about how an increasing bucket time leads to increasing rebound rate, and this new information is formed on a Jan 2017 research of 900,000 mobile ad alighting pages.

Google’s Think With Google released a paper detailing their commentary on page speed, bucket times and rebound rate.  And they used a low neural network to do it.

Recently, we lerned a low neural network—a mechanism complement modeled on a tellurian mind and shaken system—with a vast set of rebound rate and conversions data. The neural net, that had a 90% prophecy accuracy, found that as page bucket time goes from one second to 7 seconds, a luck of a mobile site caller bouncing increases 113%. Similarly, as a series of elements—text, titles, images—on a page goes from 400 to 6,000, a luck of acclimatisation drops 95%.

It is value observant that their benchmark bucket time is one second.  While Google tends to not speak specifics about bucket time other than sites should be fast, one second seems to be a speed to aim for.

This investigate was conducted on advertiser’s mobile alighting page, so there is a outrageous volume of trade detriment advertisers are experiencing post-click simply given their page speeds are so slow.  In fact, for 70% of a pages that Google analyzed, it took 7 seconds for a calm manifest on a mobile shade to load.

One other notable thing is that this news does not make specific discuss of AMP during all, that is surprising given it is a endorsed approach to offer a quick and lightweight chronicle of a page to visitors.

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