Google Mobile First Index: Page Speed Included as a Ranking Factor

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June 14, 2017
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June 14, 2017
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Google Mobile First Index: Page Speed Included as a Ranking Factor

During yesterday’s Mobile First event during SMX, Gary Illyes from Google discussed page speed and how it would be incorporated into mobile first.  Google has now pronounced that they will be including mobile page speed in a arriving mobile initial indexing change, a initial proclamation that it would be a factor.  And they are hoping to have a page speed member prepared for when a index strictly launches, according to Illyes.

Recently, Google pronounced that mobile page speed would not be a cause in a mobile initial index change, that means even sites that take 30 seconds to bucket would not be downranked in a hunt formula notwithstanding portion a really bad knowledge to a searcher. But for those who suspicion mobile page speed wouldn’t matter during all need to rethink that position.

Illyes pronounced that a approach Google calculates page speed for desktop doesn’t work for calculating it on mobile, so they need to launch a new one for mobile page speed.  And regulating desktop page speed for a mobile index creates 0 clarity and would obligate crawling a desktop chronicle of a page to do so.

Currently, Google does not embody page speed in their mobile initial experiments.  But Google is aiming to have page speed be a cause when mobile initial launches, that is critical for SEOs and site owners to consider, given many sites are still portion a bad speed knowledge on mobile, given currently, Google usually uses a desktop page speed for ranking.

So if we have a delayed mobile knowledge currently, and we haven’t nonetheless implemented AMP, afterwards we competence wish to cruise putting work into your mobile page speed, generally if Google is display your mobile speed as excessively delayed in their page speed insights tool.

When Mobile First is closer to launching, Google skeleton to promulgate some-more specifics on page speed as partial of a mobile initial index, and either it will launch with a new index or as a member after.  But either page speed is enclosed during launch or shortly after, site owners should not only be meditative about Google in terms of how quick – or delayed – their mobile pages are, though also what a delayed time does to a user knowledge and a compared rebound rate.

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