Google’s New Jobs Portal Testing in Search Results

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June 16, 2017
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June 16, 2017
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Google’s New Jobs Portal Testing in Search Results


Google is contrast out a new jobs portal to make it easier for searchers to find active pursuit listings directly from a hunt results.  It shows a box, identical to a box character outcome we have seen combined to a hunt results, though this time it facilities a pursuit listings interface.

Dan Shure speckled a test.  Here is what it looks like in a hunt results:

When we click through, it takes we to an interface with mixed options to slight down a pursuit search.  And we can also name a form of pursuit category, with Google inventory a far-reaching accumulation of pursuit areas, covering all from patron use to construction, and authorised to fitness.

You can also see a source of a pursuit listing,  such as Glassdoor.

You can click on a pursuit to see some-more detail.

Dan Shure also done a video arrangement it in action:

Unable to arrangement content. Adobe Flash is required.

This isn’t startling to see this.  There are many really low peculiarity pursuit inventory sites in a hunt formula that are there to acquire ad income rather than to assistance intensity pursuit seekers.  So this is Google’s possess answer to augmenting that peculiarity while sourcing information from third parties.

However, that third celebration emanate is interesting, given it seems Google is simply reproducing pursuit listings from other sites.  But that is flattering common in a industry, with many pursuit inventory sites merely reposting jobs from other sites.

This does seem to be a really singular exam during this tine.

The following dual tabs change calm below.

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