How to Rank (and Convert) with Landing Page SEO

The Best Landing Page Examples You Gotta Save for Your Swipe File
March 23, 2019
How to Rank (and Convert) with Landing Page SEO
March 23, 2019
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How to Rank (and Convert) with Landing Page SEO

Landing Page SEO: How to Rank and Convert

Landing page SEO is a wily proposition. Landing pages are manly collection to modify readers into customers, yet a approach many are designed is frequency SEO friendly.

Think about it. A alighting page aims to approach readers down a specific path, focusing them on your call to movement yet charity other distractions. But optimizing a web page for hunt engines requires more content, more links, more calls to action.

More calm = some-more distractions.

So a doubt arises: Is it even probable to emanate a compelling—and high-converting—landing page that also ranks good in hunt engines?

It turns out you can, yet not yet delicately walking a tightrope between ranking and converting. The idea is to attract comfortable leads from hunt engines like Google to your page and modify them into customers. In this guide, you’ll learn how it’s done. But first…

Why your alighting page doesn’t rank

In an ideal world, all your alighting pages would arrange good for their targeted keywords in Google and modify people like crazy. But that’s not guaranteed to happen. It frequency does.

Why not? Well, in some cases, your ideal keywords are already dominated by other sites that have confirmed SEO efforts and backlink profiles. In others, technical issues compared with alighting pages keep people from reaching your content.

Ultimately, though, a alighting page that’s laser-focused on conversions will have a quite tough time ranking. For this reason, it’s best to heed between alighting pages we wish to arrange good in a hunt engines and those you’ll pattern quite to convert. (Later on, I’ll tell we how we can use both together to good effect.)

Conversion-focused pages

Conversion-focused pages are all about what happens when a chairman gets to a page. While a high word count is essential for ranking in hunt engines, too many diction can indeed detract from removing that final acclimatisation or capturing that lead. Notice how small there is to confuse visitors in a examples below:


There are a lot of uses for these pages, from ecommerce ad campaigns to removing people sealed adult for your webinar. According to Unbounce, “this morality is what creates alighting pages a best choice for augmenting a acclimatisation rates of your Google Ads campaigns and obscure your cost of appropriation a lead or sale.” But it really doesn’t assistance when it comes to attracting organic trade from a hunt engines.

SEO-optimized alighting pages

The primary idea of an SEO-optimized alighting page is to rank instead of convert—though hopefully it’ll do that too. As we’ll discuss, this is a good approach to aim hunt keywords and move organic trade to your funnel.

The many poignant disproportion between this character of alighting page and a some-more normal one is that it’ll have some-more content. It’ll also have some-more inbound links to keep rebound rates low. These considerations competence seem counterintuitive if you’re used to building a lot of alighting pages for your paid campaigns, yet they’re required if we wish to rank.

While we don’t know a intricacies of what Google decides should be a high-ranking page, many factors are widely concluded to have an effect:

  • an contentment of outbound links
  • a healthy keyword density
  • a extensive word count
  • low rebound rate
  • fast loading times
  • evidence people stay on a page for a prolonged time

The web is full of recommendation about SEO best practices, not all of it good. But hunt engine algorithms change so mostly that some experts, including those operative during Google, advise that a best SEO recommendation is to emanate high-quality pages with high-quality content.

Creating an SEO-focused alighting page

Now we know a logic behind an SEO alighting page, it’s time to emanate one. Here are a few elements you’ll wish to consider:


First, you’ll wish to optimize your URL, page title, and H2s for your aim keywords. When it comes to your URL, a custom domain does have a advantages for alighting pages, yet we competence instead cite to precedence a SEO of your existent domain. Either way, safeguard your URL is keyword heavy.

More (useful) content

Above a fold, a page should embody a pivotal offered points and a call to action. There should be few other distractions here. This is determined best use for conversion-focused alighting pages as well, yet that’s where a similarities end.

Because we’re perplexing to arrange in hunt engines, you’re also going to need copiousness of calm offer down a page. It’ll need to be legitimately useful calm too—not usually an extended sales pitch—and it should attract editorial links. Without this, you’re going to onslaught to arrange good for any renouned keywords.

For example, suppose we emanate a alighting page highlighting a new insubordinate process that helps people keep to their domicile budgets and save for their dream holiday. Maybe it’ll even embody box studies of people who have remade their finances regulating this method. This duplicate shows how your program can assistance with this goal, sure, yet it’s also going to attract links since it’s of genuine seductiveness to many people.

Using a elementary straight pattern and repeating a call to movement as we corkscrew down, you’ll wish to add as many value for a reader as possible. The some-more useful and engaging a content, a some-more approaching we are to attract backlinks and boost your rankings. You should also rivet in link-building strategies, usually like we would for any blog post or product page.

Additional calls to action

Unlike a conversion-focused alighting page, we competence select to embody other calls to movement for those who aren’t prepared to buy. Maybe we give them a event to allow to your giveaway budgeting guides, for instance, or an email newsletter.

Be warned, though, these additional options will offer to revoke your rebound rate—which is good for SEO—but they could also put some people off from completing your primary goal: shopping a software. As I’ll plead below, you’ll wish to make adjustments as trade comes in to find an excusable change between rebound rate and acclimatisation rate.

What to do once your SEO alighting page is published

Once we tell your SEO alighting page, supplement inner links opposite your website that indicate to it. This practice, in itself, is believed to assistance boost a SEO. It’ll also expostulate people to your alighting page from other pages on your website and set them on a highway to apropos customers.

If a personal financial website in a instance has a blog, for instance, we could supplement a call to movement during a finish of each post revelation a reader to “Find out how a program creates it easy for we to hang to your domicile budget.”

Promote a page regulating a same strategies that we would do for a blog post that we wish to arrange good in Google. Share it on amicable media or strech out to contacts in your attention seeking for a link. (This guide includes 10 things we should do to assistance boost initial trade to new content.)

Tracking your page’s performance

Once a organic trade starts to upsurge in, it’s critical to lane what happens after they land on a page. Unbounce research suggests that 12% is a good acclimatisation rate for alighting pages, so if yours is lower, cruise tweaking your to call to movement or a pattern of your page to inspire some-more conversions.

At this point, it’s OK to start sacrificing SEO factors to assistance we modify trade better. After all, what’s a indicate in ranking good if we destroy to convert?

Be certain to lane what keywords people are typing to land on your page too. Are they what we expected? By gripping an eye on this, you’ll be means to mark areas that we can tweak as good as opportunities to arrange better.

When a graduation ends…

If we infrequently emanate alighting pages for promotions that final a calculable volume of time, we competence be in a robe of holding them offline afterward. However, we should keep your SEO alighting pages online even after a graduation has ended.

Many retailers make a same mistake of shutting their alighting page too early and blank out on trade that would have converted. By deletion your page, afterwards putting to behind online, you’re radically pouring any SEO extract we built down a drain. Don’t make things harder for yourself by starting from scratch.

An glorious approach to get around this is by regulating a 301 route to make certain that a trade we emanate will during slightest go to some use. It competence even assistance to emanate a new page explaining how a graduation is over, yet what other offerings we competence have.

What’s a plan behind alighting page SEO?

You don’t have to select between ranking and your acclimatisation rates. Nothing stops we formulating an SEO-focused alighting page and a conversion-focused alighting page offer down a funnel. Perhaps a former could pull people to a latter. I’d contend that’s a intelligent play.

Let’s contend we wanted to emanate an SEO-focused alighting page to sell personal financial software, for instance.

In this situation, have your conversion-focused page aim purchase-focused keywords, such as “personal financial software,” “budgeting software,” and “accounting software.” These are a form of keywords that people flattering many already looking to buy would type. Just demeanour during a hunt results:

SERPs exhibit keywords closer to creation a purchase.

People who hunt for “personal financial software” are looking to buy, and Google knows it.

With your SEO-optimized alighting pages, though, we can also aim some-more scientific keywords like “how to budget” or “how to save money,” and afterwards approach these visitors down a flue toward some-more conversion-focused pages. You can see a disproportion in a hunt results, that are many some-more oriented toward responding questions than offered something:

Example SERP display formula for How to Budget

As your SEO-focused alighting page will naturally have some-more content, it’ll be easier to aim mixed long-tail keywords—and even internal SEO keywords if your business operates usually in certain areas.


Landing page SEO is a diversion that never ends.

Creating a alighting page that ranks good in hunt isn’t as formidable as it sounds. The trickiest partial is anticipating a change between ranking and converting well. Ideally, we wish to make certain we are optimizing a page good adequate to contest for those tip Google rankings, yet not bogging it down with keywords and links to a indicate that it’s formidable to read. Once you’ve finished this, you’ll have an impossibly useful page that does a illusory pursuit of branch hunt trade into customers.

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