Marketers’ Top 5 Priorities for 2019 Ranked (And Why They’re Counterintuitive)

How to Rank (and Convert) with Landing Page SEO
March 23, 2019
Marketers’ Top 5 Priorities for 2019 Ranked (And Why They’re Counterintuitive)
March 23, 2019
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Marketers’ Top 5 Priorities for 2019 Ranked (And Why They’re Counterintuitive)

Top 5 Marketing Priorities 2019

If you’re a digital marketer in 2019, people are awaiting a lot from you. Your washing list of goals for a year forward substantially includes a bit of everything: boosting organic traffic, enlightening paid ads, generating some-more leads, optimizing calm for conversions, and maybe sacrificing a goat or dual to a SEO gods. (#HailGoogle)

It’s adequate to make anyone feel a small overwhelmed.

That’s since it’s critical to lay down during a start of any year and figure out accurately what we want—or rather need—to concentration on first. Because, as any marketer can tell you, prioritization is a wily beast. There’s always so many that we could be doing, it’s tough to know what we should be doing.

Case in point, check out this graph from a Page Speed Report. It shows what scarcely 400 marketers contend their tip priorities are for 2019:

Marketers’ Top 5 Priorities for 2019

Of course, each object on this list is value doing if we have a ability to do them all. But one outcome here unequivocally held us off guard: usually 3% of marketers contend they will be focusing on ensuring faster website loading times in 2019? It’s during a comprehensive bottom of their list of priorities?? That’s bonkers! Google keeps signaling this is a year of page speed, after all.

If we concentration on some of this other things first—while your pages keep loading slowwwww—then we competence incidentally finish adult driving adult a cost of your ad clicks and conversions.

With that in mind, currently we’re going to dive into a reasons since marketers contend these priorities are so important—and since we competence need to cruise rearranging your to-do list for 2019.

Priority #1: A/B Testing (33% of Marketers)

We’ve created a lot about since A/B contrast is important, so we’re not astounded that many marketers list it as their series one priority for 2019. You should positively be regulating tests on your websites and alighting pages to optimize them for conversions. This is what will give we a corner over a foe and expostulate down a cost of your PPC ads—right?

Well, not entirely…

Here’s a problem: correct A/B contrast takes time to lift in adequate representation sizes and to get statistically poignant results. And a longer we take to exam and optimize your potentially slow-loading variants, a some-more your pages are going to drain conversions. In fact, for each second a page takes to load, conversions dump by 12%. Overall, we have to ask yourself: will anything you’re contrast on a page itself have as large of an outcome as speeding adult a bucket time?

What’s worse, some A/B contrast collection indeed have a negative impact on your bucket times, origination your debate pages even some-more indolent than before. According to one exam finished by ConversionXL, implementing a third-party A/B contrast apparatus can means your page speed measure to drop by as many as 12 points. Yikes!

So while A/B contrast is a good approach to see what’s operative (or not) on any given page, we’d advise relocating this down on your selling priority list for 2019 until your pages are optimized for speed, first.

Priority #2: Refining Ad Targeting (19% of Marketers)

You’re profitable large bucks each time someone clicks on one of your ads. So one thing we wish to be certain of is that a people who do click on them are indeed a right forms of competent leads we wish to be attracting.

Christi Olson, Head of Evangelism for Search during Microsoft, recently told Search Engine Journal that carrying a well-thought-out segmentation and assembly targeting plan is going to be what separates a “best-in-class” selling experts from a “average Joes” in 2019.

But if we don’t yield a fast-loading alighting page knowledge along with your superb ad targeting? You’re still going to finish adult profitable some-more for your ad clicks.

Google clearly states that delayed page speeds will have a approach and disastrous impact on “your Ad Rank, and therefore your CPC and position in a ad auction.” So while enlightening your ad targeting is now some-more critical than ever, what we unequivocally need to do initial is make certain your alighting pages don’t take f-o-r-e-v-e-r to bucket (even before we start fiddling around in your Google Ads account).

Priority #3: Personalizing Website Content (16% of Marketers)

Marketers wish to concentration on personalization in 2019 since they know a some-more general a website is, a reduction expected it is to convert. 61% of people pattern brands to tailor practice formed on their preferences, and 90% of heading marketers contend personalization significantly contributes to their business profitability.

So this one has to be a tip priority—right?

Well, here’s a thing: even if a web page is intensely personalized and relevant, as page bucket time goes up, a luck of a caller bouncing also increases dramatically as well…

Mobile Page Speed Benchmark

This means that if your alighting page loads slower than a endorsed 3 seconds, people are going to start bouncing before they even get a possibility to see your content—no matter how personalized it is!

The finish result? You’re going to have some-more undone visitors withdrawal your website though shopping anything, a aloft cost per conversion, and a garland of super duper personalized calm that gets completely overlooked.

Priority #4: Creating More Engaging Ad Copy (13% of Marketers)

Let’s get behind to basics, then: 13% of marketers we surveyed contend they are looking to spend their time this year formulating some-more interesting ads. This is something that is so so so critical for your PPC campaigns, generally with a latest expanded calm ad formats. Clear, clever, and enchanting ad duplicate will assistance we mount out from a competition, expostulate some-more leads, and directly impact your bottom line.

At a same time, identical to ad targeting (priority #2), your ad duplicate is usually one square of a Google Ads puzzle. Fast page speeds are also vital for debate alighting pages, generally for visitors who are regulating mobile devices.

The numbers don’t lie: mobile sites that bucket in 5 seconds acquire twice as many revenue as mobile sites that take 19 seconds. Similarly, fast-loading sites acquire 25% aloft ad viewability and 70% longer normal sessions. This means that if we wish your selling campaigns to be successful in 2019, you’re going to need both constrained pre-click ad duplicate and fast-loading post-click experiences.

Priority #5: Adding Compelling Design Elements (5% of Marketers)

Marketing is an act of creation, and all of us wish a creations to be beautiful. So what do we do as marketers? We supplement high-resolution favourite images, imagination animations, tradition JavaScript elements, and credentials videos to move a calm to life.

Here’s a thing though, while these forms of pattern flourishes can make your alighting pages demeanour good—they’re also kinda dangerous. Research shows that on many mobile alighting pages, it takes more than 5 seconds for visible calm above a overlay to display. Considering some-more than half of visitors bounce if a mobile page takes longer than 3 seconds to load, that’s a large problem.

Basically, we advise pulling a Marie Kondo on all of these pattern elements and ask yourself: does it hint fun (or truly make your caller some-more prone to follow by with your CTA)? If not, well, we know what we have to do…

Use a KonMari process when conceptualizing web pages

Worried what visitors will consider if we frame out pattern elements? Interestingly enough, it seems many people aren’t all that prohibited about additional animations and videos anyways. Check out this graph from a Page Speed Report that shows what visitors would be peaceful to bar from your pages in sequence to get improved bucket times:

For many people, quick page speed beats video and other media

Reorganizing Your Priority List

If we have page speed during a bottom of your to-do list, afterwards we competence have alarm bells going off in your conduct right now. Load times are critically critical to your conversions (the thing we work so tough for in a initial place), so that’s since we’re propelling we to rethink your priorities for 2019. Make certain we check a Page Speed Report to learn some-more about all a luscious stats and trends that make it transparent since faster page speed belongs during a tip of your list.

As for your other priorities? You can call us ruthless, though we trust that if you’re going to usually concentration on a few things in 2019, these are a tip 3 many important:

    1. Page Speed
    2. Refining Ad Targeting
    3. Creating More Engaging Ad Copy

But hey, that’s just, like, a opinion, man. You’ll know improved than anyone else that areas can make a biggest impact on your business. Leave a criticism next and let us know what we think, and what you’re prioritizing in 2019.

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