Publishers Reporting Huge Drop in AMP Traffic in Google Analytics

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June 14, 2017
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June 14, 2017
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Publishers Reporting Huge Drop in AMP Traffic in Google Analytics

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If we are saying a outrageous dump in AMP trade on your sites, we are not alone.  Many publishers are saying a identical dump opposite all of their properties.

The emanate seems to have started around midnight for many publishers.  Working with a publisher with a vast volume of AMP traffic, we attempted to besiege a means formed on referral, device, OS, plcae and more, though couldn’t find any association (such as detriment of all trade from a sold device, OS, nation etc) that would explain a outrageous drop.

Here is one instance from a site owners display AMP trade drops comparing currently with final Thursday (grey area marks a finish of accessible stating today).  You can see a detriment of traffic.

Regular mobile trade isn’t picking adult a detriment of AMP trade however, as one would design if there was an emanate with AMP in a Google hunt results… that approaching trade is only missing.

Some are suspecting a emanate competence not be Google not promulgation a trade though an emanate with Google Analytics not tracking it properly.

One publisher posting in a Google Analytics assistance forum is saying that AMP trade shows adult in live perspective for about 5 seconds before it is removed.

We can imitate a emanate somehow by accessing an AMP page: it shows in a Google Analytics live ticker though disappears within 5 seconds and does not seem to get counted, while other pages act normally.

This sounds like maybe Google altered something to fight mention spam being removed, though AMP pages are somehow held in this.

It doesn’t seem to be an emanate with a AMP plugin either, and a AMP plugin creator confirms they have not finished any updates to a plugin in dual weeks.

We haven’t finished any changes in code. To be honest, we have not updated a plugin some-more than 2 weeks.

I theory this maybe an refurbish in AMP-Analytics or Google Analytics or maybe other. we am not certain since we don’t have any proof.

The Google Analytics assistance forums has a publisher posting one solution, for those that are regulating a plugin.

However, a Analytics reason doesn’t explain because there is still some trade display in Google Analytics from those pages.

Many publishers are still saying their pages with AMP tags in a hunt results, so it doesn’t seem Google is dropping AMP pages (although there is a test but a AMP icon).

I have reached out to Google for some-more information on a emanate and will refurbish when we hear back.

Google has reliable a Analytics emanate and a teams are operative on it.

And a repair is being rolled out:

H/T Paul Shapiro

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