Using Meta Keywords Tag Not a Google Spam Signal

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July 15, 2017
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July 17, 2017
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Using Meta Keywords Tag Not a Google Spam Signal

We have famous for some time that Google ignores keywords placed within a meta keywords tag, something Google strictly announced behind in 2009, as it was something that was heavily spammed many, many years ago.  But what about a probability of Google regulating it as some kind of spam flag, in a retreat use of a meta keyword tag?  After all, many times we do see a meta tab being used, they tend to be a flattering spammy list of keywords.

This isn’t unequivocally surprising.  There are still several SEO collection and plugins that supplement meta keywords and unequivocally lots of bad SEO recommendation floating around that says meta keywords need to still be combined to any page “for Google SEO”.  And some of Google’s possess properties also use a meta keywords tag, such as YouTube.

Illyes does supplement that all SEO-wise can’t be a disastrous factor, and meta keywords would unequivocally tumble into this scenario.  Some hunt engines still use a meta keyword tab to some degree, including Baidu and Yandex, even if it isn’t weighted aggressively.  So carrying a disastrous ranking cause for something that is still used by others wouldn’t make most sense, generally when it is something Google can simply omit in their hunt algo.

So, meta keywords are not compulsory for Google, though we don’t have to worry about regulating them for hunt engines could somehow simulate negatively on your site when it comes to Google SEO.

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