Using Subdomains for Low Quality Google Panda Pages

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June 26, 2017
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Using Subdomains for Low Quality Google Panda Pages

Google Panda has once again been a renouned theme lately, as many site owners have been holding a good demeanour during peculiarity issues on their sites, generally with Google Fred also bringing adult separate (Fred is not associated to Panda) peculiarity issues on sites as well.

Gary Illyes was responding Google Panda questions on Twitter recently, and after commenting on whether a site pierce would repair Panda issues or not, he was asked about possibly relocating them to a subdomain would help.

Google has always advocated improving bad peculiarity calm over stealing it, or during slightest noindexing it while a calm is being improved.  But relocating it off to a subdomain where it won’t impact a categorical partial of a site is an engaging approach to do it, nonetheless there are positively some caveats.  First, there is a redirection emanate – initial by relocating them to a subdomain and afterwards relocating them behind again.  And since low peculiarity pages tend to be crawled many less, it could be utterly some time before Google does see a redirects, or a calm when it is improved.  This is because many site owners tend to possibly mislay a bad peculiarity calm and not repair it, or noindex it until it can be fixed.

It is also critical to note that he stresses a “may” partial of his judgment – so it might not be an easy repair in all, or even many, cases.  So really use this recommendation with caution.

Illyes also adds it is critical to consider about calm from a user perspective, instead of particularly from an SEO / Google perspective.  This is something that Google stressed in their comments in a Google Panda algo guide.

But if we are looking for a approach to assistance repair Panda issues but regulating noindex on a categorical site while we urge content, a subdomain could be an choice to do it.

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