We Want to Put You on a Plane to Call to Action Conference [CONTEST]

June 9, 2017
Google Adds Festival Locations to Local Google Maps
June 14, 2017
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We Want to Put You on a Plane to Call to Action Conference [CONTEST]

If you’re an active amicable networker, we already know that transport photos and amicable media go together like… aerial shots of brunch and amicable media.

So when we motionless to chuck a amicable media competition together for a arriving Call to Action Conference, it seemed usually wise to make it transport themed. Not only since we like holding 10-second mental vacations by staring during flattering cinema of flattering places. But since Unbounce has finished a small travelling itself.

After expanding to a German, Brazilian and Spanish markets over a past year, we non-stop an central Berlin bureau in January. Four walls, front door, ever-flowing kaffee and all. We’re anxious that this year’s discussion is a initial we’ll horde as a truly general association — and we wish to applaud by putting we on a craft with a giveaway sheet to Call to Action Conference 2017.

The details

What we wish to know is:

What’s your favourite place in a world?

Tweet and/or Instagram a print of wherever that might be (be it from your iPhoto gallery or Google Images, we can’t tell and we don’t care) with a caption:

“Fly me to #CTAConf @unbounce and make me adore Vancouver as most as we adore [insert location]”!

The leader will be announced during noon PST on Friday, Jun 3rd and accept a $1,000 moody document as good as a giveaway sheet to Call to Action Conference, value $999.

Click next for some-more competition sum if we wish them. And if you’re thinking, “What is CTAConf and because do we wish a sheet to it?” afterwards see what all a hoopla’s about.

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